Lightning talks

Did you think that the thrill of sharing your ideas in front of audience at BSides Ljubljana was something you’d never do? Do you work on a cool project and want to get the word out? Was your talk one of the hundreds that got rejected? Did you come up with an awesome hack that you need to share? Well, you’re in luck because there will be Lightning Talks at BSides Ljubljana.

Taking place as last slot in main track in our agenda – these fast paced sessions are perfect for pitching new software or hardware projects, exploits, creative pranks or strange ideas you need to get out to a global audience. Even if you don’t have an awesome idea or project to share, a Lightning Talk is perfect for pitching ..

  • You can submit you talk via URL:
  • You can submit any time from now and yes also during BSides Ljubljana on the day of the event
  • We assign timeslots on a first-come, first-served basis (FIFO)
  • You get max. 7min for your talk (no Q&A or reserve time in your 7min slot also for Q&A, switching laptops and preparing slides)


Internet PrivacyPeople use computers to visit websites and these websites can tell a lot about those computers. We all know that and it's boring. But what can they tell about the people? Enter machine learning.David Petek
SecTalks LjubljanaSecTalks Ljubljana
RansomawareData Encryption made easy@th3peko
IoT Security Survey ResultsResults of simple survey from about 1y ago: Are we ready for IoT? *** ...with some interesting conclusions added. *** Premiere exclusively on BSides LJU, later will be published on the web...Tadej Vodopivec
I am a keyboardUSB Rubber Ducky Deluxe is a USB device that can pretend to be a keyboard. With it you can script Keyboard macros. It cost 45USD which is OK for debugging. But what if I tell you you can have that for 1.36USD (free shipping). Lets do some SYSREQ magic.brodul
Hiding data in virtual disksYou can hide data inside virtual disk images. I can tell you how.polz
The wonders of RustRust is a brand new systems programming language with memory safety, concurrency and parallelization and low-level performance on par with C/C++. If all that sounds too good to be true, let me try to explain in 7 minutes how all that is not only possible, but is powering real world largscale software out there already.@slsoftworks
Haswell metaprogrammingcc@solardiz
Campp++ (HU) / BalcCon (SR)Short "advertisement" for geek camping with infrastructure in Hungary (Camp++) and the awesome Balkan Computer Congress in Novi Sad.@maclemon & @leyrer
using kernel baypasing for DDoS mitigationcc@redguardianeu
How We Get To SpaceLalala@abertayspace