Web technologies are moving to the desktop in a concerted effort to produce easily accessible cross-platform frameworks for native development. This opens up a new series of security implications as the context is no longer browser dependant.

This talk will demonstrate the growing risk that occurs with the introduction of new frameworks that gain rapid popularity and extensive proliferation, especially when the barrier to entry is fairly low. By analysing the extant risks inherent in these web oriented languages – as well as new ones introduced with the new frameworks – this talk seeks remediations and mitigations for these risks, including recommendations for change to the frameworks.

Adam Rapley is a fourth year student studying Ethical Hacking at Abertay University who focuses on web security and web code in alternate environments, such as Electron. His research focuses on the implications of JavaScript code on the desktop and the security risks encountered within cross-platform landscapes. Adam is also an artist and is president of the Abertay Space Agency.



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