Shellcode Lab (Marco Lux)

| February 17th, 2017

Before you ask: No, i won’t fix your shellscript! %$^&@&!!!!@!@

It seems like in times of msfvenom and alike everyone has forgotten that there was once a way to write your shellcode by your own. Even worse, nowadays people mix up shellcoding with shellscripting.
As you are still reading, you are interested in what shellcoding is or improve your already skillset.
Shellcoding defines the fine task of creating bytes of opcodes, placed in your exploit payload to gain a remote or privileged shell. While shellcode can be used for other tasks as well, the name has kept. So we do will learn and write assembly. Looking into the basics of CPU architecture, learning about Linux Syscalls and how to use them to create our own payloads. This class focuses on 32Bit shellcoding.

The workshop syllabus:

  • 0x1 Intro to 32Bit Intel CPU
  • 0x2 Intro to GDB
  • 0x3 Shellcoding Syscall Basics
  • 0x4 Shellcoding Network Shells

Marco Lux has an experience of 15y in the IT-Security field. He has been speaker at other security conferences like CCC, Easteregg, BSI, Berlinsides, BSides Hamburg.
He has given security trainings to the community and industry and is a strong believer in open source and open source security software. He is passionate about coding. While nowadays he does prefer python, back in the days assembly and c were his favorite. Marco is also the host of the yearly Hacker conference “hack4“. Which will get this year the 4th edition – yes you are invited 😀

On the business side he has his own security company which is conducting technical it-security. You know, the guys who break your stuff and not stating on paper its secure.

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