IoT and embedded systems are gaining more and more traction in the real world. Low cost of development, availability of simple SoC systems and boards has led to the fame of “”smart things””, where there is an idea that everything, from a toilet to a toaster should have GNU/Linux installed with internet connectivity. Well, this just makes it more fun to hack…

This talk will show a couple of tricks for hacking IoT and embedded systems.

Tonimir Kisasondi (@kisasondi) is the head of the open systems and security laboratory at the Faculty of organization and informatics in Varazdin, Croatia, where he works since 2008. He currently likes to improve systems, usually by breaking them. He authored multiple papers, frequently lectures on regional scientific and professional conferences.

Vlatko Kosturjak is security consultant at Diverto where he helps clients to reach desired security level(s). He likes to break and build depending on the mood and time of day(night). Beside security, his passion is open and free software, so he contributed code to various free security software.



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